Professional Services
Asia VAD offers technical consultancy in the form of business technology solution matching, product testing, turnkey programming and custom application development, infrastructure solution deployment services, helpdesk support services, and technical manpower outsourcing.

For most part, Asia VAD derives its strength from its years of experience in Network Management Solutions like WhatsUp Gold NMS. Migration services from earlier versions of WhatsUp Gold NMS is also available as a service offering.

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Training Services
Asia VAD provides training services for its key product lines directly and indirectly via classroom sessions and remote sessions.

Asia VAD conducts regular reseller training for WhatsUp Gold NMS because we recognize the value of a partner's ability to deliver the solution, is on familiarity with the product and hands-on experience. Asia VAD has invested in the building of a virtual hands-on laboratory environment to support practical skills with theory.

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Business Development Services
Asia VAD's combined experience of over 40 years in the IT industry means that we know people in various fields of expertise. When a company wishes to develop its presence locally, or market its product to a brand new channel, Asia VAD is able to help bridge that gap.

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