AsiaVAD offers comprehensive support on WhatsUp Gold from tecnical consultancy, basic installation and upgrade, customized monitoring configuraiton, system fine-tuning and troubleshooting, customized script development, data analysis and reports customization

Please find our service offering and details below:

Training Services

AsiaVAD is proud to be the Ipswitch Authorized Training Center in the region. With this new and improved training, you and your customer will receive:

There are different course options to best suit your needs. The 2-Day Class focuses solely on WhatsUp Gold. The 3-Day Class also includes WhatsUp Gold Distributed and all Plugins.

The training is on Ipswitch facility and course material plus syllabus at link here.

Based on the standard the training above, AsiaVAD can tailor training for clients with specific needs such as scripting, customized monitor creation for unique appliance, or report customization.

Please click here for more details.

WhatsUp Gold Installation, Documentation, Upgrade

Item Description
AV-INS-SVC WhatsUp Gold Installation Service
Services include:
  • Installation of WhatsUp Gold Software and plug-in (if any) with SQLExpress bundled.
  • Devices discovery with option of device connectivity topology and asset inventory capturing.
  • Maps creation according to given maps documentation and grouping.
  • Out-of-box ping availability and latency monitor.
  • Out-of-box network devices monitoring include interface utilization, cpu and memory utilization.
  • Out-of-box system resources monitoring for Windows and Unix severs in hard disk, cpu, memory, subject to availability of snmp services at servers
  • Out-of-box wireless infrastructure monitoring and alerts.
  • Customized server process or windows service monitor with client input of process name.
  • Customized SNMP Trap monitor configured according to list of trap event provided by client or device vendor and MIB files.
  • Setup and configuration of notification and escalation policy (email, web alarm, SMS gateway integration)
  • Dashboards view, users accounts and users group configuration.
  • Out-of-box schedule reports configuration
  • Half-day post-configuration fine tuning
  • Plug-ins Configuration (if any)
  • Plug-in Virtual Monitor : Out-of-box VM system resources monitoring and critical VM event alert
  • Plug-in Network Traffic Analysis (Flow Monitor) : Cisco device configuration for sending netflow, report and abnormal traffic alert configuration
  • Plug-in APM: Assignment of out-of-box or downloadable APM Profiles, action and APM report configuration.
  • Network Config Management (TotalViewPlus or plug-in): Out-of-box network routers and switches configuration backup and changes alert, and compliance policy audit, subject to availability of ssh cli access
  • Log Management Configuration (TotalViewPlus or plug-in): ELK Server installation and up to 10 devices log monitoring configuration with central collection or agent-based monitor (Windows event).
  • Plug-in Orsenna: Oracle Server, Extended SNMP Monitor configuration.
  • All on-site service is subject to engineer’s availability and to be performed during office hour Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.
  • Add-on hardware / software are to be provided by end users.
  • Network settings changes and necessary services at target devices are to be configured by client.
  • In events of large device counts configuration, Asia VAD will conduct knowledge sharing to allow clients to perform configuration duplication independently.
  • The service doesn’t include non-standard monitoring configuration, which requires separate scoping and quotation
  • The installation requires local admin with full administrative rights to server. It's recommended to install WhatsUp Gold on default clean Windows Server without hardening, and hardening if needed by client, to be done after software installation.
Non-standard Monitoring (Extra Man-Days required)
Client is to advise Asia Vad on extra monitoring requirement, which may include but not limited to:
  • Research on snmp mib file loading and customized SNMP monitor and traps monitor creation.
  • Active Script development and reports customization.
  • Reports customization which involves ASP code changes.
Project Management (not included)
Client who needs project management will need to assign their own project manager to manage process below:
  • Project Plan: Kick-off meeting, schedule, milestone, Gannt chart.
  • Project Scope: Requirement Document, Outstanding Task List Tracking.
  • Acceptance Test Plan and Reports.
  • Operations Guide and User Guide.
For extra requirement, please review the setup check list
Downloadable from --> JustAttach link here.<-- .
AV-INS-DOC WhatsUp Gold Post-installation Handover Documentation
It covers:
  • Software license, end-user and software download information
  • Screen capture of main map and customized monitors, actions, alerts & escalation policies, scheduled report settings
  • Data backup procedure
  • The documentation is not meant to be a replacement WhatsUp Gold User Guide, which is available with the program installation, and Ipswitch web site. click here.
AV-UPG-SVC AV-UPG-SVC WhatsUp Gold Upgrade Service
The upgrade will ensure the following data are retained
  • All maps and devices created
  • Existing customized monitoring and services
  • Notification library
  • Refer to latest release notes for hardware system requirement.click here.

WhatsUp Gold Local Maintenance Support

Item Description Total Number of Hours
AV-PSS-004 Standard Support Pack
4 Hours
AV-PSS-008 Platinum Support Pack
8 Hours
AV-PSS-7x24x4 7x24x4 Local Support Pack
8 Hours
Scope of Local Maintenance Support
Scopes of Services Coverage
1. Maintenance of WhatsUp Gold systems, including:
1.1. Disaster recovery of WhatsUp Gold Monitoring System from previous configuration backup.
1.2. WhatsUp Gold software troubleshooting and version upgrade.
1.3. Configuration of WhatsUp Gold devices notification and monitoring services.
1.4. Health Check on WhatsUp Gold system monitoring load, alerts, database size, and system overall health based on its log reports.
1.5. Customized configuration to monitor devices & services, subject to availability of 3rd party SNMP agents and objects or WMI objects.
1.6. Ad-hoc product new features update and training.

2. Ad-hoc configuration activities including NT Services, SNMP, WMI Polling Configuration.

Support Hours
  • Operating hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 5pm, except public holiday, next business day response.
  • Remote support via internet pc access will be rounded up to next 0.5 hours.
  • Minimum engagement 2 hours for each on-site activation (in Singapore only)
  • Term of coverage good for 12 months from acceptance of order, and subject to maximum hours pack accordingly.
The support and maintenance package DOES NOT cover:
  • Hardware repair, setup, configuration and troubleshooting
  • Software licenses
  • Operating System Setup and Installation
  • Custom script development or report customization
  • Project management and documentation
  • After office hours service

WhatsUp Gold Quarterly Report Analysis

Quarterly Report Analysis
In event that administrators overwhelmed by many alerts from different devices, the report analysis will help client to focus on devices or application that need attention.

Failure Trend Analysis further compiled from WhatsUp Gold Reports below:
  • Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly Service Availability Report Analysis.
  • Compilation of State Change Time Line Related to Top 10 frequent for client further analysis on router or switches, which may need further action
The report will also help users to exclude one-off failures, and false alarms related to inter-devices dependencies. With the reports, administrator is able to take specific corrective actions such as:
  • fine-tune the monitoring parameters.
  • investigate flapping network connectivity issue due to network design or applications.
  • highlight of traffic surge, disk space usage that need action for capacity increase.
For more information, please write to sales@asiavad.com.

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